Best films of 2011 I missed…

Inevitably you cannot see every movie in any given year. I think in 2011 I did pretty well (and I must say in 2012 I am doing even better .. expect a lengthy full list to come within the months). However I will admit I missed some gems. 2 in particular. See Below:

ImageSomehow I missed Ben Wheatley’s expertly written and directed KILL LIST in 2011, which is a shame as it would easily have been included in my top 10 of the year. This is a film which cannot be described, as it is a fever dream of many genres. It could qualify as a crime drama, a thriller, and a no-holds barred horror film. I am happy to call it a modern masterpiece in cinema. It surrounds an aging hitman who is working on what could possibly be his last assignment. He is given a kill list of 3 people to do away with – and the monetary reward could set his family up for life. However, things aren’t quite what they seem – and our leading man finds himself in quite the predicament. To reveal this films plot would be criminal. All I can say is that it was a shining moment in 2011 that I missed.


Missing director Zack Parker’s Scalene was such a mistake. I can hardly blame myself as there was little to no press out about it. As time has passed by and it has been viewed at more festivals, it has rightfully gained a bit of a cult following. What a breathtaking film this was! Had I seen this before making my list last year, the top 5 actresses would have changed around to include Margo Martindale as Janice Trimble. Her’s is one of the performances of 2011. The story, much like its title (a skewed triangle), is a story told from 3 different angels. The facts are: A female college student begins to watch after a mentally handicapped man and something happens. Was it rape? Was it attempted murder? Was it revenge? Or an act of escape? We are never presented with the real story, instead we get the versions of its three main characters: the boy himself, the college gal, and his mother. The acting is the star of the piece (Martindale, Hannah Hall, and Adam Scarimbolo) for sure. Its a well made film, and one I wish I had viewed in 2011.


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